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I had been meaning to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum for months (hmm probably years actually …) and have finally made it this week! A friend volunteers as a guide once a month and I accompanied her on the introductory tour. WOA! The tour was only an hour, to give us a taster of this vast museum and it left me wanting more.

As I arrived through the main entrance, this is what I saw.

V&A chandelier

Ok I admit, at first glance I thought this was made of balloons… Thankfully I was put right as my friend explained this was a piece by Dale Chihuly – a chandelier made of glass, designed, blown, and first assembled in Seattle USA before making its way to London to be reassembled here. It is more a sculpture than a chandelier as it has no source of light; instead it bounces the light from the roof and neons. Amazing!

I had a little bit of time before the museum closed to see the Baroque exhibition where the artists have piled on so many ideas, skills and materials that the objects become bloated and grotesque (to my philistine eyes at least!). And finally a few minutes left to see the jewellery gallery: 3,500 jewels, a visual tour of European jewellery during the last 800 years. I can’t wait for my next visit!


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