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Casting on…

I’m knitting again after 15 years and it feels wonderful! As soon as I woke up this morning I grabbed my needles and yarn, left by the side of the bed, to practise some casting.

Cast on… cast off the needles and start again, karate kid style!

I couldn’t even remember how to cast on but luckily discovered yesterday as I went to buy some cheap yarn that my local knitting shop has the friendliest of owner: a Swedish woman in her 50s who happily spent half an hour showing me how to cast on and let me practice in a corner of her very small shop before I even bought anything! She also showed me the knit stitch the ‘Swedish way’. It’s essentially the continental way and feels faster than the English one (even with my now very clumsy hand…).

I’m practising the basics with some white yarn and will then move on to square samples with the pink yarns, to practice different stitches – if I ever have enough, I will eventually stitch them all together to make a blanket!


My grandmother taught me to knit. A small but formidable woman; we were still in awe of her, even as grown ups, when some of us (not me!) had reached 6ft3! We kids used to spend our summer holidays at her small house in Northwest France, by the sea. She passed away 9 years ago and I still miss her.

I am also learning a whole new lingo… Where I knew

le tricot

xxxxmaille à l’endroitxxxxxxxxmailleà l’envers

xxxxxxxxxxxxpoint mousse xxxxxxxxxxxxx lainexxxxxxxxxand so on

I am now discovering

xknit stitch xxxxxxxpurl                    long-tail cast on

xxxxxstockinette stitchxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yarn xxxxx(I could go on!)
and all these wonderful words that conjure up a world of colours, softness and wooliness wonders.

Right, a quick cuppa and back to it.

Happy Easter!


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