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No poo. No poo. There I said it.

No I’m not constipated.

Actually this has nothing to do with the p word.

I’ll go back a few steps.

Being off work for a couple of months gave me time to think. It’s a luxury I seldom have in the whirlwind of my life with work, a toddler and a house that needs a LOT of work.

Here’s a snapshot.

Skirting board

This is my skirting board with a great big gap where it should touch the wall. I’m in the process of caulking it (decorator’s caulk is my friend) before painting both the wall and the skirting.

I digress.

I had plenty to ponder, from the deep and meaningful to the pretty frivolous. One of the latter is the way we use toiletries. No I’m not kidding.

I don’t like the dependence we’ve developed on some of these, the cost, and some of the more scary sounding ingredients; yet I enjoy the results. You know cleanliness and all that.

After a bit of googling, I found out I missed a big trend on the blogosphere last year: people switching to washing their hair with just water or more often with baking soda, followed by a vinegar rinse. They call it the ‘No shampoo method’ or ‘No poo’ in short. Yes, really. That should have been my first warning.

Undeterred, I decided to try it.

What a disaster! You’d think I could foresee that but I got sucked in by all the glowing reviews of how fabulous the method is… Although one did mention that though their hair looked clean, it also felt a little sticky. That should have been my second warning.

Oh the grease, the GREASE!

My hair was so greasy it felt permanently wet. Until I realised it wasn’t moisture, it was grease; sticky, oily grease. That was bad enough. Then I tried the vinegar rinse. Somehow, I missed that you should dilute the vinegar. Apparently when diluted it stops smelling when the hair is dry but the smell comes back if the hair gets wet. I live in Britain. The likelihood of my hair getting wet is HIGH. That should have been my third warning.

Oh the STINK!

Two days with a plume of acetic acid around my head.

That’s when I decided to wash it out. With shampoo. Twice. It still stunk. And somehow, my hair got greasier and greasier. It’s supposed to equilibrate after a few days/weeks, but I think my hair just balances itself out at ‘super greasy’ and stays there in all its matted, oily glory. On the plus side, the vinegar did detangle it beautifully.

I like having clean hair; I LOVE having clean hair, squeaky-clean hair in fact. As soon as it gets a little greasy, it drives me nuts. I go all self-conscious. So this ‘no shampoo’ experiment is outside of my comfort zone. Some people jump out of aeroplanes to get that thrill. I stop washing my hair. Each to their own, people, each to their own.

Halfway through this experiment, I decided to cut my hair short –I just fancied a change. I never thought I’d have to explain to my hairdresser why my hair smelled like I had poured vinaigrette on it as he started to wash it. I had gotten rid of the grease but that vinegary stuff is strong. The poor man looked so shocked!

On the plus side, the stench of vinegar might distract people from the whiff emanating from my armpits when I start the next step – making my own deodorant. So there is a silver lining.



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