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Christmas cards

I really really hate receiving those bloody heartless cards, whether for Christmas or other occasions that just highlight how little the sender has invested in the giving. Yes I regard cards as a gift if the sender has spent some time and poured some feelings into writing it.

Even though we haven’t celebrated Christmas in the past, I have always sent cards to wish people all sorts of good things for the new year. I include some news and personal messages for each recipient (yes it does take a while to do and recipients may expect their card sometime in January, occasionally February!). A lot of the time, we receive the same from friends and family with a few exceptions. These exceptions bug me. They didn’t use to, I just brushed them aside and responded with more thoughts that perhaps was warranted. Now, they just bug me.

You know what I mean: the generic card bought as a bundle (especially for Christmas), which says:

Dear X,

‘Generic message already printed on the card’

Sender’s name

That’s it.

You know what that card tells me? You know what I read in all that space left blank? Here is what I read:

Dear x

You are part of my long list of self-inflicted obligations. You might be an acquaintance, an apparently not-so-close friend or even family but really I don’t know nor care to know much about you. Yet I am dutiful if nothing else so I will fulfil that duty, go through my little list, pick a card at random, and write the bare minimum I can get away with. Then I can go back to whatever it is in my life that I actually care about.

Sender’s name

The one that took the biscuit didn’t even bother writing our names. I mean, what’s the point? Save yourself some money and don’t bother at all.

I’ll finish off with a couple of pictures. These are bitter sweet for me. I took them in the days after the miscarriage, but what I remember the most when I look at them is not the pain, the emotional and physical pain.


What I remember the most is the warmth of being enveloped in my family’s love. The warmth of spending special moments with Little Miss.

She didn’t questioned why I was spending so much time in bed. She simply, sweetly, kept me company.She ‘helped’ me knit. We spent time reading, cuddling, and bouncing (well, only one of us on these occasions).


Warm memories, that I will cherish forever.


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