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I sat on my pain au chocolat.

I didn’t enjoy it.

I didn’t even feel it. You would think that sitting on a fluffy pastry would give you some kind of sensory experience, but no, nothing.

Now, I didn’t deliberately sit on my pain au chocolat to test this hypothesis – if you are still reading and were wondering. No. I boarded a crowded train and spotted a free seat. I leapt, throwing all my wordly possessions to secure it. A slight over-reaction you might think. Well, I had been awake since 230am because of a particularly bad night with Little Miss (though when I left the house, she and Mr B were sound asleep), so a seat was the holly grail. On went bag number 1, my water bottle, thermos of tea, the Metro, bag number 2, and the aforementioned pastry in a little brown paper bag. I then had to retrieve all of those pretty quickly to sit down and get out of people’s way. And by people, I mean grumpy commuters who had just missed out on a seat.

So I sat heavily, breathing a sigh of relief. The train left the station. I sipped my tea. I looked around, glanced at the Metro. Suddendly I remembered my little morning treat, but no pain au chocolat to be seen. I looked sideways at my neighbour, suspicious. He was earnestly tapping on his laptop, crumb-free. Then it dawned on me. The only place it could be. I lifted slightly and patted the seat. There it was.

I retrieved it, wondering about the lovely pain au cholocat-shaped stain on my backside from the oozed fat (excessive warmth and a significant weight will do that to a pain au chocolat). I looked inside the little brown bag. Flat as a pancake, all the puff and crustiness and fluffy loveliness squished out of it.
Did I eat it? Well, no matter how unnatural a shape it was now sporting – and it was as unnatural as can be for a pain au chocolat – it was still a treat… sipping a cup of tea, sitting in a crowded train, eating a pain chocolat – as much of a treat as I’m gonna get in my lovely commuting life. So yes I ate it, I savoured it, I relished. every. flattened and oozed out. bite.

The end.


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